Why the Green Smoothie Is Better Than Fruit Juice

Green smoothieMany individuals wonder why they should take the time and effort to make a green smoothie when they can just purchase fruit juice from the store. In short, the green smoothie is going to provide better nutrition for your body. Additionally, many prepackaged fruit and vegetable juices contain obscene amounts of sugar and other processed elements. Needless to say, these items are not good for your body.

A green smoothie is also better for you because it contains fiber. Even if you choose to juice your own fruits and vegetables at home, you do not use the skin of these fruits and vegetables, which contains a considerable amount of vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, when you juice your own fruits and vegetables, you are often left with a lot of waste, like the skin and core, that is beneficial to your body. All in all, most health food experts are going to agree that a green smoothie is more beneficial for you than fruit juices.

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