Why Should I Drink Green Smoothie Recipes When I Can Just Eat a Salad?

Green Smoothie RecipesIt is true that you can receive the same amount of nutrition from a salad as you can from green smoothie recipes; however, the human body requires 3-4 servings of leafy green vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Can you honestly say that you would like to eat 3 salads a day? The other primary problem with eating a salad instead of drinking Green Smoothies is that chewing alone is often insufficient enough to break down leafy green vegetables for the human body to fully digest.

Health experts have estimated that chewing alone breaks down only 20-30% of food that passes through your mouth. This is where the blenders that are used in creating green smoothies can be beneficial. The teeth of the blender emulsifies the leafy green vegetables and fruits used in green smoothie recipes, which makes it much easier for your body to absorb and digest the vitamins and nutrients found within the ingredients.

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