Why Should I Choose the Omni Blender?

omni blenderThat is a fair question. There are dozens of different professional grade blenders on the market to choose from. What makes the Omni blender stand out from its competition? Before you write off the Omni blender, take the following features of the Omni blender into account! Then check out investing in your own Omni blender today!

  • Multifunctioning – The Omni blender is capable of acting as both a food processor and blender. It can blend, chop, puree, and grind a wide variety of different ingredients, from whole fruits and vegetables to ice, regardless of whether the ingredients are wet or dy.
  • Industrial High Speed Motor – The motor of the Omni blender delivers a powerful 3 horsepower motor. It is capable of reaching speeds of 38,000 RPM. This powerful motor is capable of turning a pitcher of ice into a fine powder within moments.
  • Ergonomic Design – The ergonomic design of the Omni blender is lightweight, and it only requires a small amount of cabinet/counter space to store. Three different speed settings to choose from allow ingredients to be blended at the touch of a button.
  • Simple to Clean – Cleaning up after using the Omni blender could not be more simple. All one has to do is add a small amount of soap and warm water to the blending pitcher and run it on high for approximately 30 seconds. Allow it dry thoroughly.
  • The Warranty – The manufacturer’s warranty of the Omni blender is comprehensive, and it lasts for 7 years. This is a sign of the confidence that the manufacturer has placed in the product they have produced.


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