What Is Included in My Purchase of the Omni Blender?

omni blenderWhen you choose to invest in your own Omni blender, there are several things that you can expect to enjoy. First and foremost, the Omni blender features an energy efficient, self regulating, 3 horsepower motor. This motor is more powerful than that of its nearest competitors, and it is capable of meeting the most challenging tasks in the kitchen.

Secondly, the purchase on an Omni blender will also yield a 64 ounce capacity, polycarbonate blending pitcher. This blending pitcher contains Omni’s new and improved six blade cutting system. Each of these blades has been forged from Japanese stainless steel to ensure their durability and efficiency. The generous capacity of this blending pitcher ensures that it can handle demanding loads.

Next, the Omni blender is a multi functional blender that can perform various tasks within the kitchen. It is capable of chopping, blending, crushing, and pureeing a wide variety of different ingredients, from whole fruits and vegetables to nuts to ice. The stainless steel cutting blades of the Omni blender ensure that it can chop and blend both wet and dry ingredients with ease and uniform precision.

Finally, when you make the decision to invest in your own Omni blender, you will be able to rest assured that your investment is well protected. Each Omni blender that is sold is covered by a comprehensive, 7 year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Check out what the Omni blender has to offer for you and watch your kitchen be transformed in all the best ways possible!

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