What Do Vitamix Blenders Have to Offer For My Kitchen?

Vitamix blendersThere are many technical features of Vitamix blenders that make them superior to other types of blenders on the market. For example, the motors of Vitamix blenders generally feature over 1,000 watts of power, which make them well equipped to deal with the most demanding tasks in the kitchen. They are capable of reaching up to 37,000 rotations per minute, so you may rest assured that your ingredients will be well blended.

One of the biggest secrets to the success of Ninja blender is their 4 prong, stainless steel cutting blade assembly. Each of these blades is constructed from Japanese stainless steel to ensure its durability. Furthermore, Vitamix blenders are covered by 7 year, comprehensive warranties offered by the manufacturer. These warranties protect your blender against defects in the craftsmanship, components, and against the effects of normal wear and tear.

Vitamix blenders also feature variable speed controls, as well as an automatic pulse feature, to give you precise control over the mixing of your ingredients. These blenders are equipped with generously sized, 64 ounce blending pitchers, which are 100% BPA free. A tamper stick comes standard with each blender. Try out Vitamix blenders for yourself today, and see just how they will transform your kitchen.

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