What Distinguishes the Ninja Blender From Its Competition?

Ninja BlenderA Ninja blender may be used for a variety of different purposes, from creating blended or frozen drinks to kneading dough for bread and cookies. What distinguishes the Ninja blender from its competition is the unique patented design of its cutting and blending blades. Each of these blades is constructed from stainless steel, in order to ensure that they will provide many years of excellent service.

The blades of the Ninja blender are centered throughout the blending pitcher, rather than being located solely in the bottom of the pitcher. Additionally, the blades of the Ninja blender are staggered in rows, which ensures that the ingredients that are placed in the blender will be thoroughly and evenly blended. Now, the secrets of the professionals can be brought directly into your kitchen!

A Ninja blender is capable of acting as both a food processor and blender in one; however, it can also puree ingredients to kneading dough to performing the same functions as a juice extractor. Depending upon which model of Ninja blender an individual chooses, the blender will feature either a 48 ounce of 72 ounce blending pitcher, which is capable of handling the most demanding tasks.

Each Ninja blender, according to the model chosen, will feature either a 400, 450, 1,000, or 1,100 watt motor. Furthermore, each Ninja blender is covered by a comprehensive warranty offered by the manufacturer. With little to no risk to a consumer, they are strongly encouraged to invest in their own Ninja blender today and see what it has to offer them!

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