What Can a Green Smoothie Recipe Do For Me?

green smoothie recipeIn general, a greenĀ  smoothie recipe is comprised of approximately 40% leafy green vegetables and 60% organic fruit. The leafy green vegetables that are used in your green smoothie recipe are packed full of fiber, which assists the human body in ridding itself of toxins and cleansing the colon. Additionally, a green smoothie recipe is also full of chlorophyll, which stimulates the immune system and is excellent for cardiovascular health.

The raw and organic fruits that you will use in a green smoothie recipe are rich in calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Moreover, a green smoothie recipe can improve the digestion of your body, is low in fat and calories, and can eliminate unhealthy cravings for other types of food. The benefits of the green smoothie recipe are clear, and in order to derive the maximum amount of health benefits from this diet addition, most nutritional experts recommend that you drink between 1-3 green smoothies a day.

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