Vitamix Blenders Reviews – The Vitamix Professional Series 500

Vitamix  BlendersAn individual who is looking for an at home blender that will yield professional quality results needs to look no further than the Vitamix Professional Series 500 of blenders. These Vitamix blenders feature numerous preprogrammed settings to assist a food enthusiast in experiencing new levels of flavor, nutrition, and creativity within the walls of their kitchen at home.

When a consumer invests in Vitamix blenders Professional Series 500, they will be provided with a cookbook that contains hundreds of chef tested recipes, which can be created with the assistance of their Vitamix blenders. These blenders also feature variable speed and pulse controls to equip a user with greater control over the processing venture. Each ingredient placed in this blender will be able to be blended to perfection.

The secret to the success of the Vitamix blenders Professional Series 500 is the unique, patented design of its powerful, 2HP+ motor. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 240 miles per hour, this motor is more than capable of dealing with the most demanding tasks in the kitchen. The extreme versatility that these Vitamix blenders offer ensures that they will deliver professional results each and every time they are used.

By running these Vitamix blenders on high with addition of warm water and a small amount of soap, they are capable of cleaning themselves within 30 seconds. Additionally, each of these Vitamix blenders are covered by a comprehensive, 7 year warranty offered by the manufacturer, which makes this ideal investment for most consumers.

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