Use Vitamix Blenders to Make Great Green Smoothie Recipes!

Vitamix BlendersDid you know that Vitamix blenders can be used to make delicious and nutritious green smoothie recipes? This is one of the reasons why they are so popular amongst health conscious individuals. Green smoothies are comprised of raw and organic fruits and vegetables, and Vitamix blenders are more than capable of handling the challenge of blending these ingredients with ease and perfection.

Why is using Vitamix blenders so important when it comes to green smoothies? It is due to the fact that Vitamix blenders have the unique ability to break right through the cell walls of leafy green vegetables and fruits, which releases more of the vitamins and nutrients found in these ingredients. Using Vitamix blenders to process these ingredients also results in more flavorful smoothies.

The success of Vitamix blenders is due to the unique, patented design of its motor. The motor and blade positioning of Vitamix blenders creates a vortex, which forces the ingredients in the blender up and down, ensuring that they are evenly and thoroughly blended. An individual will never have to worry about finding unblended chunks of fruits or vegetables in their green smoothie ever again!

Vitamix blenders are covered by comprehensive 5-7 year warranties offered by the manufacturer. These extensive warranties display the level of confidence that the manufacturer has in the product they have created, and a user of Vitamix blenders can rest assured that they will enjoy great green smoothies each and every time they use their Vitamix brand blender. For green smoothie recipes, there is no other choice than Vitamix!

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