Use a Green Smoothie Recipe For a Steady Source of Energy Year Round!

green smoothie recipeWith a green smoothie recipe, you will enjoy a steady stream of energy without having to worry about your blood sugar crashing later in the day. The fiber loaded leafy green vegetables used in a green smoothie recipe slow down your body’s absorption of the natural sugars found in the fruit, which ensures that your body will enjoy the right amount of energy and nutrition at a pace it can enjoy. A green smoothie recipe can be enjoyed year round, regardless of the month or season, and they are more beneficial for your body than sugar laden, energy and nutritional drinks that you would find at a gas station or grocery store. You can alternate the fresh fruits and vegetables that you use in your green smoothie recipe, according to what is in season at that time of year. This ensures that you will never get tired or bored with the same green smoothie recipe!

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