Try Drinking Your Greens Instead of Chewing Them!

green smoothieThe truth is that you would have to chew your leafy green vegetables for quite some time to release all of the vitamins and nutrients found in them. When you choose to drink a Green Smoothie Recipe, you will not have to worry about your body being unable to absorb the vitamins and nutrients found in their ingredients. A green smoothie is comprised solely of leafy green vegetables and fruits, and the sharp blades of the blender tear apart and rupture the cell membranes of these ingredients to release more vitamins and nutrients than chewing alone can.

This allows your body to more effectively absorbs the vitamins and nutrients found in a green smoothie. A green smoothie is simple to make and even simpler to clean up afterwards. To provide your body with more nutritional benefits, try drinking your greens through a green smoothie instead of chewing them!

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