Three Reasons Why You Should Choose A Green Smoothie Recipe Over A Green Health Drink

green smoothie recipeA green smoothie recipe is one that you make from scratch with organic and raw ingredients. On the other hand, a green health drink can come in many forms, depending upon where you purchase it, and it is premade. So why should you choose a green smoothie recipe over a green health drink?First and foremost, with a green health drink, the taste can often be grassy or unpleasant. With a green smoothie recipe, you can use fruit and natural sweeteners to mask unpleasant tastes.

Secondly, green health drinks often do not contain the fiber that the raw vegetables used in smoothie recipes have. Finally, with green health drinks, you often have to read the nutrition labels carefully to ascertain what you are putting in your body. Because you prepare a green smoothie recipe personally, you do not have to worry about putting anything unhealthy or detrimental in your body. When you consider these factors, the green smoothie recipe is just a smarter decision!

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