The Secret to the Success of the Omni Blender? Its Motor!

Omni BlenderThe secret to the success of the Omni blender is its motor! The motor of the Omni blender features six, staggered blades that have been forged from Japanese stainless steel. These blades are capable of blending both wet and dry ingredients with perfect precision. These blades can even crush a pitcher full of ice into a fine, powdery mixture within moments.

The Omni blender possesses a 3 horsepower blender that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 38,000 RPM. In addition to speedy and efficient preparation of various types of ingredients, the motor of the Omni blender and its high operating speeds can be used to unlock the nutritional value of certain ingredients, like nuts and seeds, that chewing alone cannot do.

The motor of the Omni blender maintains an extra power reserve when it is not in use. This additional power reserve protects the motor and assists in prolonging its lifespan. Because the motor is also self-compensating, it is also energy efficient. It does not require additional amounts of power to perform the same functions as comparable blenders. Additionally, to protect the motor from overheating, it also maintains an automatic shut off switch.

With the unique design of this motor, the Omni blender is one of the most powerful blenders on the market. With the uniform and professional quality results it produces, one might expect to pay hundreds of dollars for this blender; however, it remains quite affordable. Consider investing in your Omni blender today and see just what it can do for you!

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