The Importance of Using Fresh Greens In Your Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie recipeIn order to provide your body with the maximum amount of nutrition from your green smoothie recipe, it is important for you to ensure that you use the freshest leafy green vegetables possible. In general, it is recommended that you use leafy green vegetables in your green smoothie recipe within 9-12 days of their purchase date. Most individuals recommend that you purchase the ingredients used in your green smoothie recipe locally if possible. Locally grown produce tends to be fresher, because it has not had to travel by truck or train to reach your community.

Once you have purchased leafy green vegetables for your green smoothie recipe, they should be washed thoroughly and stored in a Ziploc bag to maintain their freshness. Likewise, you should attempt to alternate the leafy green vegetables that you use in your green smoothie recipe in order to expose your body to the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins possible.

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