The Health Benefits of the Ingredients in Green Smoothie Recipes Spinach

green smoothie recipesIf you are looking for leafy green vegetables to add to your green smoothie recipes, spinach is an excellent choice. It is considered to be quite the nutritional powerhouse, and it is the perfect addition to green smoothie recipes.

A recent study, conducted by Harvard University, found that participants who ate spinach approximately five times a week had a 47% less chance of developing cataracts. Lutein, found in spinach used in green smoothie recipes, can reduce your personal risk of developing macular degeneration.

The two primary vitamins found in spinach are Vitamin A and Vitamin K, which can assist the human body by regulating blood flow, contributing to bone strength, ensuring that cells grow normally, and preserving cell health within the human body.

Most individuals agree that eating spinach in green smoothie recipes is much more delicious than eating it straight from the can. Just make sure that the spinach you use in your green smoothie recipes is organic and raw.

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