The Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

green smoothiesLeafy green vegetables are one of the two primary ingredients found in a green smoothie recipe. The leafy green vegetables that are used in green smoothies are an excellent source of chlorophyll. In its molecular makeup, chlorophyll closely resembles human blood. When an individual consumes chlorophyll through  Green Smoothie Recipes, it is akin to receiving a healthy blood transfusion. Most Americans do not consume enough leafy green vegetables in their diet, and the regular consumption of a green smoothie can be the antidote to this problem.

By drinking 3-4 cups of green smoothies each day, you will receive the amount of vitamins and nutrients that your body requires on a daily basis, and because a blender breaks down the ingredients of a green smoothie recipe for you, it will be much easier for your body to assimilate the vitamins and nutrients that it needs from these ingredients, including chlorophyll. The next time that you are creating your own green smoothie recipe, make sure to add your leafy green vegetables!

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