The Green Smoothie Recipe: What Is It?

green smoothie recipeA green smoothie recipe is a recipe for a smoothie that is comprised of organic leafy green vegetables, raw fruits, purified water, and/or natural sweeteners. Depending upon the ingredients that are used in the green smoothie recipe, the color, texture, and consistency of each smoothie will be different. The green smoothie recipe is often a staple in the diets of those who follow vegan or vegetarian diets, but individuals of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from drinking a green smoothie recipe a day.

One of the best aspects of the green smoothie recipe is that there are no hard or fast rules when it comes to creating your own smoothie recipes. The only general rule is that the fruits and vegetables you include in your green smoothie recipe should be raw and organic, as frozen fruits, in particular, tend to be high in processed sugars. So grab your favorite fruits and vegetables and get to experimenting with your own green smoothie recipe now!

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