The Differences Between a Vitamix Blender and a Juice Extractor

vitamix  blenderA Vitamix blender is capable of performing the same functions as a juice extractor; however, most health food experts are going to recommend that you use a Vitamix blender as opposed to a juice extractor. The results that the Vitamix blender yields will be more nutritionally beneficial to the human body. This is due to the methods that the Vitamix blender uses to create the juice.

When a Vitamix blender is used to create fresh juice, it uses the whole fruit or vegetable to make the juice. By including the peel of the fruit or vegetable in the juice that is made, more vitamins and nutrients are included in the juice. This list includes the fiber that is found in the fruits or vegetables. During the juicing processing via a juice extractor, fiber is often lost.

Using a Vitamix blender to create fresh fruit and vegetable juices always reduces the amount of waste that is left behind in the juicing process. If you wish to create a blended or frozen drink, then your Vitamix blender will be capable of crushing up to six cups of ice in under one minute. In addition to creating fresh fruit and vegetable juices, a Vitamix blender can also chop, blend, mince, and dice a wide variety of different ingredients.

Your purchase of a Vitamix blender will include a booklet of more than 200 recipes that can be created with the assistance of your Vitamix blender. Furthermore, your blender will be covered by a comprehensive, 7 year warranty. All in all, most experts are going to recommend that you invest in a Vitamix blender instead of a juice extractor.

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