Should You Make Your Own Green Smoothies Recipes Or Just Eat a Salad?

green smoothies recipes Most salads and green smoothies recipes contain similar ingredients, so why should you bother with creating your own green smoothies recipes instead of just eating a salad? The fact is that the leafy green vegetables used in both salads and green smoothies recipes are quite hard on a molecular level.

Most of the nutrients and vitamins stored in these vegetables are found in the cell membrane, and the membrane needs to be thoroughly ruptured in order to release the vitamins and nutrients. Even with a significant amount of chewing, humans cannot always do so adequately. This is why the blenders that are used in the preparation of green smoothies recipes are so important.

The teeth of a blender are more adept at shredding and disassembling the cell membranes of leafy green vegetables, which allows the human body to better absorb vitamins and nutrients. If you want to provide your body with the maximum amount of nutritional benefits from leafy green vegetables, then green smoothies recipes are the way to go!

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