Should I Drink Green Smoothies or Fruit Juices?

green smoothiesGreen smoothies have become quite popular, and some companies have begun to manufacture them alongside their fruit juices. The problem is that many of these manufactured green smoothies often contain pasteurized ingredients, which can remove some of the health benefits that green smoothies are known for. For this reason, most health food experts recommend that an individual blend their own green smoothies at home from organic and raw ingredients. Green smoothies are not difficult to make. There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to creating your own green smoothie recipes, as long as the ingredients you use are whole and organic. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to create your own green smoothie recipes in the kitchen today, so you can begin to enjoy their immediate health benefits. Fruit juices are full of sugars and processed ingredients, so you are encouraged to stick with making your own green smoothies.

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