Raw Smoothie Recipe That Tastes Like Candy?

Raw Smoothie RecipeThis is a nutritious and tasty raw food meal, a green smoothie recipe that packs so much of nutrition your body needs to be healthy. In fact whenever you eat raw recipes they always provide unparalled nutrition for you and your body. This raw smoothie recipe is so good it almost tastes like candy ūüôā

For some reason this awesome raw food ingredients combo just tastes so good! It must be something to do with mixing strawberries and mangos or maybe it’s the apple. Whatever it is it’s great, this raw smoothie recipe is one to keep!

  • One Cup Organic Baby Spinach
  • One Cup Organic Arugula
  • One Cup Organic Strawberries
  • One Organic Mango
  • One Organic Apple
  • One Tbsp Pure Organic Maca Root Powder (optional)
  • Two Cups Water

Make sure if you can, that the fruits and vegetables in this smoothie are all organic. I mean if you cannot find organic then it’s OK but it is indeed preferred for nutrition and health value. Grab all these ingredients above, blend em up thoroughly and enjoy!

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