Ninja Blenders – The Ninja Kitchen System 1100

ninja blendersIf you are looking for Ninja blenders, then you are encouraged to check out what the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 has to offer for you. This comprehensive system is capable of performing the functions of both a blender and a food processor. This combination is guaranteed to save you time, money, and counter space!

The Ninja blenders of the Ninja Kitchen System are powered by an 1,100 watt motor, which enables it to handle the most difficult tasks in the kitchen. Your blender will be capable of crushing, chopping, blending, and kneading a wide variety of different items.

The secret to the success of Ninja blenders can be attributed to the unique design of its motor. Rather than using the industry standard single blade design, the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 features an advanced 6 blade cutting and chopping system. The blending pitcher measures a generous 72 ounces in size, which is perfect for blending up large batches of ingredients.

Other features of these Ninja blenders you are guaranteed to love include its 3 different speed settings, dishwasher safe components, and included splashguards. Purchasing one of these blenders is guaranteed to be one of the best decisions you have ever made on behalf of your kitchen.

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