Ninja Blenders – Ninja Blender NJ600 XL

ninja blendersThe Ninja Blender NJ600 XL is one of the most popular Ninja blenders on the market today! This blender is easily capable of mixing multiple ingredients together for soups, frozen drinks, smoothies, soups, and much, much more. It is powerful enough to handle the most demanded tasks in the kitchen.

These Ninja blenders are powered by powerful, 1,000 watt motors. They also include generously sized, 72 ounce blending pitchers, which make this blender perfect for whipping up large batches of ingredients. There are three different speed settings to choose from, including a PULSE control for controlled processing.

These Ninja blenders also feature an ergonomic design to minimize the amount of counter or storage space they require. The blender features cord storage, and the nonslip base ensures that the blender will stay put while it is in action. Included splashguards minimize the amount of mess that is made while the blender is in operation.

All removable components of these Ninja blenders are dishwasher safe, which reduces the required amount of clean up time to almost nothing! Investing in the Ninja Blender NJ600 XL will be one of the best decisions you have ever made on behalf of your kitchen.

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