Green Smoothie Recipe Natural Ingredients for Nutrition and Taste

green smoothie recipeLeafy green vegetables and all natural fruits are the basic ingredients for a green smoothie recipe; however, there are other ingredients that you can add to a green smoothie recipe to alter the consistency, nutrition, and taste. For example, the addition of water to a green smoothie recipe can make it thinner and easier to drink. Likewise, the addition of crushed ice to a green smoothie recipe can keep it cold and provide it with a different texture. Adding grated, fresh ginger root to a smoothie makes it taste great and can aid your body in digestion.

In a similar fashion, the addition of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice will give a green smoothie recipe will give it a great dash of zesty flavor. Finally, there are some individuals who like to add protein powder to their favorite green smoothie recipe to make it more completely nutritious all around.

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