Make Your Own Green Smoothie Recipes With Ease!

green smoothie recipesIt is not difficult to create your own green smoothie recipes. All that you need to create green smoothie recipes are your favorite fruits and vegetables and a high quality blender. It is important to ensure that the ingredients you use in your green smoothie recipes are organic and raw in order to allow your body to derive the maximum amount of nutrition from these fruits and vegetables. Here is a sample smoothie recipe that you can easily modify to suit your own taste buds!

All you need to do is gather one bunch of leafy green vegetables ( approximately 50% of the entire recipe), 1-2 fruits of your choice, 1 whole banana (to add creaminess to the smoothie), and ginger or lemon to taste. This is just a sample recipe that you can use. In fact, you are encouraged to get the whole family in on the fun of making your own green smoothie recipes today!

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