Make the Smart Decision – Invest In Your Own Vitamix Blender Today

vitamix blenderThose who choose to invest in a Vitamix blender for their kitchen are making a smart decision. Never again will they have to listen to an overstrained, unhappy motor as it struggles to blend ingredients. Each Vitamix blender is equipped with a powerful, 2 horsepower motor that is capable of handling the most difficult tasks in the kitchen. In fact, the motor of the Vitamix blender is capable of reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour.

The front panel of the Vitamix blender features moisture shield options, three different speed settings to choose from, and an on/off switch. The blending pitcher of the Vitamix blender measures a generous 64 ounces in size, and it is constructed from durable, high impact plastics that are 100% BPA free. Splashguards, an interlocking lid, a nonslip base, and a plunger are other aspects of the Vitamix blender that are designed to minimize the amount of mess that is made while it is in use.

From whole vegetables to a pitcher full of ice, they are few tasks that the Vitamix blender is not capable of handling. It can be used to create smoothies, milkshakes, homemade ice cream, salsa, dressing, desserts, and a whole host of other items. Your purchase of the Vitamix blender will also include a recipe booklet that contains more than 150 recipes you can make with the Vitamix blender.

The manufacturers of the Vitamix blender are so confident in the product they have created that they offer a comprehensive, 7 year warranty on each blender sold. In addition to guarding against defects in the craftsmanship, this warranty also protects the blender against the normal wear and tear that accompanies regular use. The next time you are on the market for a new blender, choose the Vitamix blender. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made on behalf of your kitchen.

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