Make Nut Butters With the Omni Blender!

omni blenderOne of the biggest problems with most blenders on the market is that they are not capable of grinding and blending nuts into a consumable substance. However, this is not a problem with the Omni blender. Using an Omni blender to make nut butters is ideal for health conscious individuals who like to blend their own ingredients to make their own dishes.

For example, did you know that the Omni blender can be used to blend an avocado or spinach to make a healthy snack dip? Normally, these type of dips are saturated with dairy products; however, the Omni blender allows you to take these ingredients directly from a whole foods market or your garden and straight into your mouth! Many individuals rest easier when they know where their food has come from.

The powerful 3 horsepower motor and the stainless steel blades of the Omni blender are more than capable of grinding and blending even the pit of the avocado. The pit of the avocado contains numerous vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. However, an individual cannot normally consume the pit of an avocado unless it has been blended in the Omni blender.

In addition to making nutritious and delicious recipes, when an individual chooses to invest in their own Omni blender, they may rest assured that their investment will be well protected. Each Omni blender that is sold is covered by a comprehensive, 7 year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Check out what the Omni blender has to offer for you and get to experimenting with new recipes today!

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