Choose Beverages That Fall Within the Raw Food Diet Guidelines!

raw food dietProcessed sugars, refined flours, preservatives… These items have most likely comprised the majority of your diet for most of your life, whether you were aware of it or not. The raw food diet is concerned with stepping off the roller coaster that these foodstuffs can put your body through. While there is much information about the type of foods you can eat on the raw food diet, you may be wondering how the guidelines of this diet apply to beverages.

For followers of the raw food diet, water and juices are the most popular beverages of choice; however, you should cast a wary eye towards bottled juices, as many are packed full of preservatives. The best option is to make your own fresh fruit juice. The same can be said for raw smoothies. Raw smoothie recipes are an excellent alternative to traditional smoothies. Made from fresh fruit, they do not contain preservatives or sugars.

When you are making green or raw smoothies, do not use packaged purees, which tend to have sugars and food coloring added. Along similar lines, most forms of alcohol are going to be considered a no-no, but you do have the option of drinking organic wine, according to the raw food diet guidelines. In fact, a glass of organic red wine a day can actually be beneficial in lowering your chances of cardiovascular disease.

Coffee and tea are on the outs under the guidelines of the raw food diet, but you will have the option of brewing your own sun tea. Sun tea is created by placing organic dried herbs in a gallon of filtered water. It is then left in the sun for 6-8 hours. The sun naturally heats the water to steep the herbs. You can experiment with different variations of herbs to choose the combination that best suits your taste buds. All this flavor and still within the raw food diet guidelines.

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