Improve Your Overall Diet By Drinking a Green Smoothie Recipe a Day!

Green Smoothie RecipeThe diet of the average American is quite deficient in the vitamins and nutrients that the human body requires on a daily basis. However, this is where the drinking of a Green Smoothie Recipe a day can be beneficial. A green smoothie recipe is comprised solely of leafy green vegetables and fruit. Drinking 2-3 cups of a green smoothie recipe can provide an individual with the 5-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables that the American Cancer Society recommends. Consuming these fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can protect the human body from developing cancer and a whole host of other diseases. Additionally, the consumption of green smoothies reduces the amount of calories, sugars, fat, and cholesterol that is often found in the refined foods that most Americans consume. To improve your overall diet and health, try drinking a single green smoothie recipe a day and see what happens.

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