How to Make Green Smoothie Recipes Kid Friendly!

green smoothie recipesGetting your kids in on the exciting action of creating your own green smoothie recipes is a great method of providing your own family with a healthier diet. First and foremost, sit down with your kids to decide on what their favorite fruits and vegetables are, which will then be incorporated into your own green smoothie recipes. Secondly, for the leafy green vegetables of your green smoothie recipes, first introduce Romaine lettuce, which is considered the most mild tasting of leafy green vegetables.

Later on, you can work your way up to kale. Take your kids grocery shopping for these ingredients. They will love being able to pick out their own fruits and vegetables. Finally, other small touches for your green smoothie recipes, have your kids turn on the blender, get the cups ready for the smoothie, and have them carefully pour the smoothie from the blender. It is not difficult to get young children excited about the process of making green smoothie recipes.

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