How to Make a Thinner Green Smoothie

Green SmoothieWhen it comes to green smoothies recipes, many individuals add bananas or avocados to their recipes, because these ingredients give the smoothie a thick and creamy consistency. However, there are some individuals who prefer for their green smoothie to be thinner in texture. If you are one of these individuals, you will have one of two options.

First, you can choose to add more liquids to your green smoothies recipes. Ideally, you should add fresh, purified water to your smoothie, but you can also substitute no fat milk if desired.

Secondly, make sure that you use fresh produce in your smoothies, as opposed to frozen fruits and vegetables. Not only is it healthier, but once blended, the consistency of these ingredients is quite thin. However, as aforementioned, you should avoid the use of avocadoes and bananas in your green smoothies recipes if you would like to have a thinner smoothie.

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