How to Make a Great Tasting Green Smoothie

Green smoothieWhen it comes to making a green smoothie, there are no hard or fast rules, as long as the fruits and vegetables you use are raw and organic. However, if you would like to create a green smoothie that is truly delicious, then you should follow a fruit to vegetable ratio of 60:40. This is the ratio that has been determined by doctors to be ideal for human consumption.

Additionally, at this ratio, there is just enough fruit included in your green smoothie to mask the somewhat bitter taste of the leafy green vegetables. If you find that your green smoothie is still not sweet enough, you will also have the option of using natural sweeteners, such as stevia, agave root, or honey. However, these sweeteners should be used sparingly and in small quantities. Finally, when you are making a green smoothie, make sure to include your favorite fruits and vegetables, so that you will be more likely to drink your smoothies on a daily basis.

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