Green Smoothies With Lychees

Green Smoothie RecipesI was recently introduced to lychees by a friend who is from Vietnam. Being me, of course I naturally started experimenting with them in green smoothie recipes. If I had to describe, I would say that lychees have a delicate flavor that is slightly sweet. They are one of those fruits that taste great on their own, but they blend together well with a number of other different fruits.

The outside of a lychee has tough rind that is textured and pink/red in color. It’s pretty easy to peel off. The inside of the lychee has a seed that is toxic, and you shouldn’t include it in your green smoothie recipes.

The nutritional benefits of lychees are still being studied, but we do that they are quite rich in Vitamin C. 100 grams of lychee fruit will have about 100% of the daily dose of Vitamin C that an adult needs. Lychees are also a good source of copper, phosphorous, and potassium. Antioxidants that can be found in lychees include polyphenols and anthocyanins.

Because lychees are so small, I will generally use about 8-10 of them in my green smoothie recipes. Since they have a delicate taste, I think that they pair best with tropical fruits, like pineapple and passion fruit. I would also recommend that you use mild tasting leafy green vegetables and avoid using bitter tasting ones. Just make sure that you remove the skin and the seeds before using them in green smoothies.

On a side note, when you are choosing lychees to use in green smoothie recipes, make sure that the ones you choose are slightly firm, but they shouldn’t be too hard. It’s very hard to find organic lychees, but this shouldn’t make too much of a difference, since you won’t be including the peel of the lychees in your green smoothie.


Here is a great recipe with lychees you can try!

  •  9 lychee, deseeded and peeled
  •  1 medium banana, peeled
  •  1/2 cup pineapple, cubed
  •  2 cups fresh baby spinach
  •  6 ounces filtered water

Each of these ingredients should be added to your blender one at a time and blended together until smooth. This should take about 30 seconds. Because lychees are low in calories, this smoothie make a great mid morning/afternoon snack.

Nutritional Info

  •  Calories: 214
  •  Fat: 1g (grams)
  •  Protein: 3g
  •  Carbs: 58g
  •  Calcium: 6%
  •  Vitamin A: 192%
  •  Vitamin C: 140%

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