Green Smoothies Recipes: The Bloody Great Green Smoothie

green smoothies recipesIf you are looking for green smoothies recipes that will promote cardiovascular health and better blood flow through the body, then look no further than the Bloody Great Green Smoothie! Making these green smoothies recipes is super simple. All you need to gather is coconut water and baby spinach.

The mixture of this recipe should be comprised of approximately 55% coconut water and 45% baby spinach. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, and the plant version of hemoglobin is chlorophyll, which is abundant in baby spinach. Both hemoglobin and chlorophyll are excellent sources of energy for the human body.

Coconut water is similar to blood plasma, and has, in fact, been used as an alternative to plasma when blood supplies are low. When you consume green smoothies recipes with coconut water and baby spinach, you have one bloody great smoothie recipe that will be beneficial to your body in more ways than one!

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