Green Smoothies Recipes: Take A Leaf Out of A Chimpanzee’s Diet!

green smoothies recipesYou might be wondering exactly what green smoothies recipes and chimpanzees have in common. See, chimpanzees are the closest animal relative to humans, and we share approximately 98% of the same genes. A chimpanzee’s diet is comprised of roughly 50% fruit, 40% greens, and 10% insects and bark. All of the ingredients in their diet are all natural, organic, and raw, and this is where the similarities between a chimp’s diet and green smoothies recipes come into play. When it comes to green smoothies recipes, the ideal blend for a recipe should be roughly 60% leafy greens and 40% fruit. Although humans and chimps share many similarities, the chronic diseases that one sees in humans do not exist in chimpanzees.

The big secret behind the difference is that our lifestyles are blatantly different. In order to promote a healthier lifestyle, take a page out of a chimpanzee’s diet and begin incorporating green smoothies recipes into your own lifestyle!

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