Green Smoothies Recipes, How Should I Prepare the Ingredients?

Green Smoothies Recipes

When it comes to preparing your own green smoothies recipes, the only kitchen appliance you will need to have is a high quality blender.

Many green smoothies recipes advocates are proponents of VitaMix blenders, because they believe that they are superior, but any blender will really do. As much as possible, you should keep the skin of the fruits and vegetables used in your green smoothies recipes intact as much as possible, because this is where many of the fruit’s vitamins and nutrients are located.

However, it is acceptable to core certain fruits and vegetables, like apples and pears. Ideally, you should drink your green smoothie as soon as you have prepared it in order to avoid losing any nutrients.

If you have multiple leftovers, then you can safely refrigerate your green smoothies recipes for up to 12 hours without having to worry about losing much of the nutritional value.

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