Green Smoothie With Blueberries

Green smoothieBlueberries can make an excellent addition to a green smoothie. They can be successfully blended with most other types of fruits and vegetables. There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed by adding blueberries to a green smoothie. For example, did you know that blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, which can prevent inflammation and certain types of cancer?

Blueberries can also provide your body with a source of manganese, dietary fiber, and Vitamins B6, C, and K. Medical studies have suggested that the regular consumption of blueberries can assist in combatting the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other age related disorders. If you are interested in adding blueberries to your next green smoothie, then here is an excellent recipe for you to try.


  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 1 pitted peach
  • 2 cups of your preferred leafy green vegetable
  • ¼ of an avocado
  • 1 cup of purified water

Each of these ingredients should be added to your blender one at a time and blended together thoroughly. A single cup of this smoothie only contains 217 calories, which makes it an excellent low calorie snack. This green smoothie just might become one of your new personal favorites!

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