Green Smoothie Recipes vs. Green Fruit Juices

green smoothie recipesOne of the ongoing debates in the health food community is whether you should make your own green smoothie recipes or juice your fruits and vegetables instead. While both options offer the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis, juicing your fruits and vegetables, as opposed to creating green smoothie recipes, is time consuming, messy, and can be expensive, since you must purchasing a juicing machine. For these reasons, many individuals find it difficult to stick to juicing their fruits and beverages.

On average, most green smoothie recipes require less than 15 minutes to make, and all you must have on hand to make them is your favorite fruits and vegetables and a high quality blender. Additionally, most components of a blender can be thrown into a dishwasher, which makes clean up a breeze. The decision to make green smoothie recipes versus juicing one’s fruits and vegetables is a matter of personal preference, but for convenience’s sake, most individuals prefer to make green smoothie recipes.

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