Green Smoothie Recipes To Maintain A Proper Alkaline Balance In Your Body

green smoothie recipesThe fruits and vegetables that are used in green smoothie recipes are alkaline foods, and many nutritional experts believe that, through the consumption of green smoothie recipes, they can assist in maintaining a proper alkaline balance in the human body. There are certain types of food, like the overconsumption of protein, that can increase the pH levels of the blood.

When the pH levels of the blood are too high, it can actually leach calcium from your bones, which increases your risk of developing osteoporosis. The regular consumption of green smoothie recipes, whose ingredients are alkaline, can combat the effects of high pH levels in the blood.

Medical studies are currently being conducted to evaluate the efficiency of fruits and vegetables in combating high pH levels. Regardless of what the results of these studies say, consuming green smoothie recipes are beneficial in maintaining your overall health in more ways than one.

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