Green Smoothie Recipes: The Cranberry Twist

green smoothie recipesGreen smoothie recipes for the Cranberry Twist are going to provide your taste buds with an experience like none they have ever had before. To make these green smoothie recipes, you will need to gather 1 cup of fresh cranberries, 1 peeled orange, 1 pear, the juice of 1 lemon, 2 leaves of collard greens, 1 handful of baby spinach, 3-4 leaves of mint, 1 whole banana, 1 cup of coconut water, and 1 cup of ice.

Each of the ingredients for these green smoothie recipes should be added to your blender one by and blended until smooth. In particular, the cranberries and coconut water used in this recipe are excellent at cleansing one’s digestive system and remedying dehydration; however, there are numerous other health benefits to be enjoyed from these green smoothie recipes. Treat yourself to a delicious and nutritionally healthy snack today with these green smoothie recipes and many others!

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