Green Smoothie Recipes: The Blue Watermelon Wow!

green smoothie recipesIf you are looking for new and exciting green smoothie recipes, then you are definitely encouraged to try the Blue Watermelon Wow. To make these exciting green smoothie recipes, you will need to gather 2-3 cups of chopped watermelon, a ½ cup of blueberries, one handful of beet leaves, and one cup of purified water. Each of the ingredients for these green smoothie recipes should be added to the blender one at a time and blended until a creamy, smooth consistency has been achieved.

Even with your kids, these green smoothie recipes are guaranteed to become a new family favorite. Even if you do not like the particular ingredients used in this smoothie recipe, you are strongly encouraged to substitute your own favorite fruits and vegetables until you find the perfect combination of ingredients for your own green smoothie recipes. There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to green smoothie recipes, so you are encouraged to start creating your own today!

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