Green Smoothie Recipes for Summer: The Mint Julep Montage

green smoothie recipesSummertime evokes images of sipping mint juleps on the front porch of your home. Now, you can enjoy a healthier alternative with green smoothie recipes, in particular the Mint Julep Montage. To make these green smoothie recipes, you will need to assemble 3 whole and peeled bananas, 1 sprig of mint, 3 cups of packed baby spinach, 2 cups of diced melon, and approximately 16 ounces of purified water. Each of the ingredients of these green smoothie recipes should be added to your blender and blender until smooth. The addition of the spring of mint gives this smoothie recipe a surprisingly fresh taste.

Each recipe yields roughly 2-3 cups of smoothie, so there is plenty to share or package and enjoy later. If you are not a fan of melon, you can substitute watermelon or cantaloupe. After you have found the combination of ingredients that works best for you in these green smoothie recipes, then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy!

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