Excellent Green Smoothie Recipes: The Green Apple Greatness

green smoothie recipesIf you are looking for overall Green Smoothie Recipes, then you are guaranteed to love the Green Apple Greatness. To make these green smoothie recipes, you will need to gather 1 whole banana, 1 large, cored green apple, ½ of a pitted avocado, 1 cup of packed baby spinach, 1 cup of packed Romaine lettuce, and roughly one pint of purified water. Each of these ingredients of these green smoothie recipes should be added to the blender one at a time and blended together until smooth.

The addition of the banana and the avocado will provide this smoothie with a thick, creamy consistency that is similar to that of a milkshake. This recipe will yield approximately 1-2 cups of smoothie. Whatever you do not drink right away can be packaged and consumed at a later date. There are many other excellent green smoothie recipes just like the Green Apple Greatness just waiting for you to discover and try out for yourself!

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