Everything You Need to Know About Green Smoothie Recipes!

green smoothieGreen smoothie recipes are both delicious and nutritious. Most health food experts recommend that green smoothie recipes be comprised of approximately 60% fresh fruit and 40% leafy green vegetables, which is the blend that is optimal for human consumption. It is important to ensure that the ingredients one uses in their green smoothie Recipes are organic and raw, in order to allow your body to derive the maximum amount of nutritional benefit.

When the ingredients of these smoothies are blended well together, the ingredients are quite simple for the human body to digest, which makes these smoothies ideal for consumptions by humans of all ages. In general, a green smoothie recipe is more nutritionally beneficial for the human body than fruit juices, because in the process of making fruit juices, much of the fiber of the fruits and vegetables is lost. For a snack or meal that is both delicious and nutritious, try making your own green smoothie recipe!

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