Consider Including Spirulina in Your Green Smoothie Recipes!

green smoothie recipesMost health food experts are going to recommend that you should include spirulina in your green smoothie recipes on a regular basis. Spirulina is a great ingredient in green smoothie recipes for those who need a sudden burst of energy during the day, but who do not want to worry about their blood sugar crashing out. On the days that you are running short on leafy green vegetables, spirulina can be easily blended with ripe fruit to create green smoothie recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.

Spirulina is nutrient dense, and it is adept at alkalizing the blood stream, amongst many other health benefits that this ingredient offers. This ingredient can also be used to add protein to a green smoothie to make it more wholesomely nutritious. The next time you are in the kitchen experimenting with different green smoothie recipes, make sure to include spirulina in your next concoction!

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