Banana Blueberry Kale Green Smoothie Recipes

Green Smoothie RecipesGreen smoothies are smoothies that are packed full of everything healthy you’ll need to stay in optimum health. The best thing about this kind of smoothie is you’re open to all kinds of green smoothie recipes. These recipes are really easy to make as well. All you’re going to need are the various ingredients and a blender. Preferably you want a really powerful blender, this is because these blenders make it easier for you to absorb the healthy ingredients involved.

One of the recipes available is the Banana Blueberry Kale Green Smoothie Recipe, it is one of the more popular green smoothie recipes. Not only is this smoothie good for you, but it’s also high in fiber so it will keep you won’t desire food for a longer period of time. The Kale smoothie is also packed full of something called beta-carotene, which has been suggested to help protect our bodies against cancer and other deadly diseases.

Banana Blueberry Kale Green Smoothie Recipe Ingredients:

2 Organic Bananas
5 Leafs of Kale
1 Bag of frozen blue berries
2.5 Cups of Purified/Filtered Water
2 Tbl Spoons Hemp Seeds (hulled)
1 Tsp of any super food (this is optional)


First you’re going to want to put all the ingredients into a blender. Then you’re going to want to cover all of the ingredients in water. The final step is to blend well, although if you want you can add a little more water to adjust the consistency.

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