All About Making Your Own Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie recipeA green smoothie recipe is quite simple to make with your favorite organic and raw fruits and vegetables, once you have discovered several recipes that you are interested in trying. When it comes to mixing the ingredients of your green smoothie recipe, you will need to use approximately ½ a cup of purified water to give your smoothie a smooth, even consistency. The amount of ice or purified water that you use in your green smoothie recipe will affect its texture and consistency. The more ice that you use in your green smoothie recipe, the thicker its consistency will be.

Certain fruits, such as bananas and mangos, can also affect the consistency of your smoothie. Finally, the most important aspect of making your own green smoothie recipe is to ensure that you ingredients are raw and organic, because frozen or processed fruits or vegetables are often high in processed sugars and other carbohydrates.

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