A Green Smoothie Recipes a Day The Green Apple Glory

Green Smoothie RecipesIf you would like to find a green smoothie recipe that offers sweet and creamy goodness, then The Green Apple Glory is guaranteed to become one of your new favorite recipes!

To make this particular green smoothie recipe, you will need to gather 1 whole ripe banana, 1 cored apple, ½ of a ripe avocado, 1 full cup of baby spinach, 1 full cup of romaine, and approximately 1 pint of purified water. All of the ingredients should be added to the blender together and blended thoroughly. The addition of the banana and the avocado will give this green smoothie recipe a creamy and smooth consistency, and a single recipe will yield 1-3 servings. Don’t be afraid to add your own ingredients and experiment with recipe! Get your kids involved in the creative process, and they are more likely to be more willing to drink this nutritious snack! This is truly a green smoothie recipe for everyone!

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