A Green Smoothie Recipe for Green Apple Sweetness

green smoothie recipeIf you love the tart sweetness of green apples, then you are guaranteed to love this green smoothie recipe! The addition of the green apples to these green smoothie recipes give the smoothies a wonderful flavor, but they also make the consistency of the smoothie rather creamy. To makes this particular green smoothie recipe, you will need to assemble 1 whole banana, 1 large peeled and cored green apple, ½ of a medium sized avocado (pitted), 1 cup of packed baby spinach, 1 cup of packed Romaine lettuce, and approximately 1 pint of purified water.

The ingredients of this green smoothie recipe should be added together to your blender and blended until smooth. A single recipe will yield roughly 1-2 cups of smoothie mix. If you cannot finish all of your green smoothie recipes in one sitting, do not be afraid to share with a friend, because they are guaranteed to love the taste as well!

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