A Green Smoothie Recipe For Dessert: The Raw Cacao Smoothie

green smoothie recipeA green smoothie recipe can be used for much more than just a snack or a meal replacement. You can also choose to make a green smoothie recipe for dessert! A prime example of a dessert green smoothie recipe is the Raw Cacao Smoothie. To make this smoothie recipe, you will need to assemble one cup of purified water, one large, whole banana, 1-2 handfuls of baby spinach, five grams of raw cacao powder, one half a tablespoon of natural honey, and approximately 25 grams of an organic tofu.

These ingredients should be added to one’s blender one at a time and blended until a smooth has been achieved. This recipe makes roughly two servings at a time. Whatever portion of this green smoothie recipe you do not drink can be packaged and saved for consumption at a later time. You are guaranteed to make this dessert green smoothie recipe a regular part of your diet!

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